College Education Scholarships

Since the 2012 / 2013 academic year, the Tug Valour Memorial Fund has awarded scholarships to college students attending one of the five state-run maritime academies:

  • California Maritime
  • Maine Maritime
  • Massachusetts Maritime
  • SUNY Maritime
  • Texas Maritime

Each academy is responsible for selecting the scholarship recipients according to our selection criteria, which limits selection to students studying for a United States Coast Guard license as a merchant mariner, participating in the Regiment of Midshipmen, demonstrating leadership, academic excellence, and financial need. To date, we've awarded 51 scholarships totaling over $100,000.


The Tug Valour Memorial Fund has also awarded 17 scholarships of $1,500 to students accepted to the Unlicensed Apprentice Program at the Harry Lundenberg School of Seamanship located on the campus of the Paul Hall Center for Maritime Training and Education in Piney Point Maryland.

For more information on the Unlicensed Apprentice Program, click here

On average, we grant 4 vocational scholarships each year. Our selection process begins soon after our annual fund raising tournament in the Spring, and we inform the recipients in August.

To download an application, click here

Please mail your completed application to the attention of John McKenzie at the following address:

Tug Valour Memorial Fund Inc
302 Knights Run Avenue
Suite 1200
Tampa Florida 33602